Play Solo Flamenco Guitar with Juan Martin Book/CD/DVD Set Volume 2

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Product Description:

This second volume, of a two-part series, contains a book, CD and DVD by internationally recognized flamenco guitarist, Juan Martin. Provided are more than 21 solos, progressively graded in the three higher grades, 6 to 8, to suit players at intermediate and more advanced stages, who already have some experience of the instrument and techniques of flamenco. The music for all these is accurately written in notation and flamenco tab (cifra) and (except for the two final solos) is also included on the companion CD. The DVD contains over 60 minutes of music. All text is provided in both English and Spanish.

Product Number: 20838SET
Format: Book+CD+DVD
ISBN: 0786662387
UPC: 796279080620
ISBN13: 9780786662388
Series: Non-Series
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Date Published: 2/24/2005

Song Title:
2 Sevillanas  
3 Sevillanas (Sevillana 1)  
Bulerias (con metronomo)  
Bulerias (de Paco)  
Bulerias (de Sabicas)  
Bulerias (Ritmpo y falsetas)  
Garrotin (Noche de San Juan)  
Granadinas (Lorca's Dream)  
Harlequin (Arlequin) Rumba  
La Cana  
Milonga (del Recuerdo)  
Rumba (Rumba nostalgica)  
Seguiriya y Cabales  
Serranas (de Ricardo)  
Sevillana 2  
Sevillana 3  
Sevillana II  
Solea (de Ricardo)  
Solea (por escrito)  
Solea A (Another falseta Orta falseta)  
Solea B  
Solea por medio (Esencia)  
Zambra Mora  

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